Frequently asked questions:

Listing your property on CryptoPads is easy. Simply create an account and then click on “Create A Listing”, add your photos and description and you’re ready to go.

We charge a one-time fee of $250 to list your property, and there is no expiry date. Keep your property on until it’s sold or you decide to remove it. Listings can be edited as many times as you want, so don’t worry if you want to change the price or description, or add new photos later. You won’t have to pay for a new listing.

Interested buyers can message you directly through, where you can feel free to reply to them in your inbox, or pass along your direct phone number or email to them. Be as private or public as you’d like.

For buyers, it couldn’t be easier.

Simply browse properties for rent or sale, and create an account to send a message directly to the seller.

Never send funds to anyone without consulting with your legal representative, and beware of scams.

People may list long or short-term rentals on cryptopads and come to whatever arrangements they see fit with prospective tenants or guests. (All local laws are applicable, seek legal advice before entering any agreements)

Zero! We don’t charge any comissions from buyers or sellers.

Our business model is simple: sellers pay a $250 one-time fee to list their property, and that’s it. 

For buyers, it’s completely free to make an account, browse listings and contact sellers directly.

No problem! If you’re a seller who already listed (or is about to list) your property with a realtor, it’s still totally fine to add your property to CryptoPads as long as you consult with them first and get approval. Better yet, ask THEM to do the work and add it to our platform for you!

We’re non-exclusive and don’t make you sign any paperwork. And you can remove your listing at anytime if you ever change your mind.

For your realtor, it’s a win-win since they can get more eyes on their listing and help you sell the property quicker.

This is totally between the buyer and seller, but we recommend all sellers accept at least Bitcoin, Ethereum and a US dollar stablecoin such as USDC or USDT. 

Lots of reasons. Some crypto buyers may have a nomadic lifestyle and not want to go through the stress and anxiety of converting the funds through multiple exchanges and bank accounts, each of which may have daily limits or other inconvenient restrictions. 

As for sellers, some people may want the same, to essentially receive crypto directly instead of receiving local currencies and having to do the same process in reverse.

Laws on crypto, taxes and real estate differ from country to country so make sure to consult with the appropriate licensed professionals in your jurisdiction to get legal and financial advice.

CryptoPads is simply a marketing platform for owners to promote their properties. We offer no legal or financial advice or information.

No, CryptoPads is not involved in any negotiations, escrow or property transactions. We are simply a marketing platform where sellers or their authorized representatives can list properties for sale, and where buyers can browse available listings.

Once a buyer and seller are in contact, we would encourage them to negotiate or carry out the transaction in whatever way works for them, with the proper legal guidance and representation in their respective country or jurisdiction.

CryptoPads is not able to guarantee the accuracy or legitimacy of any listing (or any potential buyer) so all users, or their legal representatives, must conduct their own due diligence and be wary of any potential scammers or inaccurate information.

Every country has their own laws pertaining to crypto and real estate, so never send funds to anyone, or enter into any agreements, without consulting with your lawyer/attorney/legal counsel first.

No, you don’t need to use your exact property address.

We still recommend adding the real address, as this can help buyers assess the property and it’s location better, and will attract more interest. 

However if extreme privacy is important to you, you could simply use the city and country if you’d like. (For example, “Lugano, Switzerland”) and then give more information to potential buyers who you’d like to proceed further with in negotiations.

This is up to you as each individual user will have their own preferences.

Some users only communicate through a local lawyer or licensed real estate professional who can verify the legitimacy, while some will communicate directly and want to get more personal details about the other party before proceeding.

It’s completely up to you and by using, users accept our Terms and Conditions which can be found here.

Just like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, CryptoPads accepts no responsibility for any users on the platform as we have no way of verifying the authenticity of any buyers or sellers. Use at your own risk and exercise caution.

For any other questions contact and we’d be happy to help.