CryptoPads is the world's #1 platform for crypto real estate listings.

Why choose CryptoPads?

Market your listing

As a seller who wants to receive crypto, finding buyers can be incredibly challenging. We created CryptoPads to make it easy. When you list your property with us, you know it will be seen by a global audience of crypto homebuyers & investors looking to purchase property.


Whether you're listing your property directly as the owner, or through traditional avenues with a realtor or broker, CryptoPads does not require any exclusivity. In fact, feel free to encourage your realtor to list on our platform to increase your property's visibility.

No commissions!

CryptoPads does not charge any commissions from buyers or sellers. Our business model is simple: sellers can list their property for a one-time fee of $250, without any expiration, renewal or time limit. You can keep your property on CryptoPads for as long as you like or until you decide to remove it. For buyers, CryptoPads is 100% free.

Full control

You have full control over your listing and sales process. Handle everything yourself directly as owner, or have your realtor or legal representative create and manage listings for you. We are simply here to facilitate the connection between buyers and sellers, and then get out of their way.

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